Chocolate Buns Thermomix

“Citarasa dunia kini di dapur anda”

Salam & Hi! Basically, ni first time afiqah buat buns guna Tangzhong Method & afiqah ada tweak sikit resepi asal. Alhamdulillah, hasilnya memang lembut & topped dengan Choco Ganache memang umph!

Recipe Chocolate Buns Thermomix
Credit: thebakeanista

• Tangzhong Method (Water Roux)
20g High Protein Flour
100g Water/Milk
(Cook | 1min | 75°C | speed 2)

• Chocolate Paste
1tbsp Cocoa Powder
1.5tbsp Milk
(Mix the cocoa with the milk until become chocolate paste)

• Main Dough
30g Milk (chilled)
30g Whipping cream (chilled)
60g Castor Sugar
1 Large egg (chilled)
1tsp Instant Yeast
270g High Protein Flour
20g Milk powder
1/4tsp Salt
30g Butter (room tempt)

  1. Moving back to your mixing bowl, once temperature of the water-roux hits 37°C, add in milk, whipping cream, sugar, egg and yeast (Mix | 30 secs | speed 2)
  2. Add in remaining 270g high protein flour, milk powder, salt, butter & chocolate paste (Mix | 30secs | speed 6)
  3. Proceed to knead 4 min.
    Weight out the dough – 35g to baking tray, shape into ball then let rise until doubled in size. Ready to bake.
  4. Topped the buns with Chocolate Ganache & enjoy your Choco Buns!

Tangzhong Method also know as water-roux is a technique used in bread making to get fluffier bread without using any bread softner or improver. It also increase the shelf-life of the bread.

Happy trying! 🤗


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